About Us

Amy and Tobias are young tree-changers who moved to the Riverina from Sydney to provide a more complete upbringing for their daughter Violet (and their new addition, Horatio). Having traveled all over the world, and loving eating out, they are passionate about their food and consider themselves to be ‘foodies’.

They believe that if you want to create the ‘perfect’ meal, then you need to journey back to the source. At this point, you realise that to have or to provide the freshest food, the most delicious food, or to be the most informed about it, that you must produce it yourself (or know the farmer who did).

Amy and Tobias take great pride in knowing how their food lived and died. They also love seeing their produce enjoyed by family, friends and customers!

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family photo

How Did We Choose Our Animals?

If you are going to attend to animals every day, then you have to enjoy their company. All the various animals we farm have been chosen for a number of reasons, often simply that we enjoy eating the final product!

Our heritage breed Wessex Saddleback pigs were chosen because their pork and bacon is delicious and so hard to come by that we decided to supply our own.

Quality escargot (let alone fresh Australian escargot) is almost impossible to source, and Tobias loves them with garlic butter.

The cattle, well who doesn’t love grass-fed dry-aged beef?

Violet loves chickens and baking with daddy, and there is nothing better to bake with than your own eggs.

We take the time to care for and have a relationship with all of our animals, whether it be by giving a chicken a gentle stroke or giving a pig a much-desired scratch behind the ears, or even just letting a snail slither up your arm. These relationships make all our lives (us and our animals) easier and so much richer.

The Ladies

Our Egg-celent Layers
Our brown ladies were hatched and raised to point-of-lay stage here in the Riverina at the Old Junee Hatchery before being delivered to West Walla Farm when they were about 16 weeks of age. It was amazing seeing them outside for the first time and learning to roost in the Chicken Caravan.


Cockerel & Chief Eagle Guard
Cocoa, the rooster, is our aerial defence specialist. He spends hours every day patrolling the paddock watching out for eagles that threaten his flock. He works long hours, but as the only boy and a beautiful specimen he gets spoiled by both the chooks and us. A gift from Tobias’ aunty, he was hand-reared from the moment he hatched and is now a proud member of the West Walla Farm team.

Pumpkin, Potato & Peach

Chief Bacon-Seed Producers & Soil Tillers
Our three crazy gilts, soon to be sows. They love pats and to follow us around the paddock. They are quite the handful and are prone to escape, but they always come back home for pats and feeding. It is not uncommon to catch them in the top paddock (a long way out of the piggy paddock) talking to the cows. We have never known such friendly and fun pigs.

Black Pudding

Boars can be hazardous beasts, so if you are managing a 400kg pig with tusks you need to have it on your side. We adopted Black Pudding at 8 weeks old from Redleaf Farm, and we are patting him and loving on him every day. This will ensure he is a loving and friendly creature that sees people as friends. When he is older he will attend to our gilts and sows.

Beef Cattle

Grass Cutters & Future Steak
Our cattle (currently heifers) help keep the grass down in our paddocks, which helps our chickens to get access to the bugs and short fresh grass that they love. Our steers or heifers are normally sold to wholesalers but we can provide beef on special request with enough notice.


Gourmet Land Snails
We have thousands of them. Literally thousands of them. Our snail paddock has the capacity for over 500,000 snails, which we hope to produce annually. Although snails are a delicacy in many cultures, many people are put off by them, however, these same people love seafood. Escargots are essentially land-based abalone. We recommend trying ours before you knock them.