Welcome to West Walla Farm. These are our maremma livestock guardian dogs meeting us at the gate as we go into the paddock to collect the eggs this afternoon. Their names are Mac and Tuscan, I will introduce you to them properly a little bit later.

*Kids say hi*

Hi, this is Amy from West Walla Farm just checking in to see how all our Northside Produce Market customers are. Everything here on the farm is pretty much as usual – lots of chickens running around in long grass, lots of eggs being laid, lots of just spending time at home – the kids are missing their friends but they are enjoying all the extra time they get to spend outside.

We have got two new dogs that we got in the last couple of weeks, their names are Mac and Tuscan. These guys help protect our chickens from foxes and eagles, both of which are a huge problem here, so we’re glad to have them on the team.

Now, the other thing that happens is, see these caravans down here, these are our chicken caravans. They get moved onto fresh green grass, so that we’re always moving the chickens around, they’ve always got fresh pick, they just love the freedom, we don’t lock them up, the dogs mean we don’t even have to lock them up at night, which is just brilliant.

Talking about eagles being a problem a problem on the farm. If you can look carefully, while I was talking all the chickens were running for cover under the caravan and now they’re all cowering there. That is because, that beautiful eagle is overhead looking for prey. A little bit scary for our girls having such a big eagle right above them, the dogs warned them, and they all ran for cover. It is amazing.

As I was saying before the eagles interrupted, we’re up here collecting the eggs a little bit late today because this morning we were packing our Sydney delivery orders. Tobias is now on his way to Sydney with all of the eggs and some mayonnaise, so if you missed out you can order on our website and while you’re there, sign up for our free virtual farm tour that we’re going to be doing on the third of May. We will take you through collecting the eggs, meeting the animals, grading eggs, packing eggs, just how we do everything, and we’re going to be doing a live Q&A afterwards. And we would love to see you there. It is just a way that we can connect with our customers while we can’t chat to you all at markets.

Stay safe everybody, stay healthy, and hopefully we’ll see you soon. Thanks, bye.