West Walla Farm has introduced ingenious ‘keep cartons’ – reusable egg cartons that customers can bring to be refilled at farmer’s markets, the farm gate, and participating retailers.

The quality BPA-free polypropylene (PP) egg cartons can be purchased from West Walla Farm at farmers markets or by contacting them directly.

Eggs are a delicious, versatile, and affordable natural source of high quality protein that can be eaten every day.

The CSIRO found last year that almost one quarter of Australian adults consume at least one egg a day[1] and figures from Australian Eggs (formerly the Australian Egg Corporation) state that more than 400 million dozen eggs are produced each year.

Owner and farmer of West Walla Farm, Tobias Lehmann, said, “There are more than one million dozen eggs eaten every day in Australia. That is a lot of cartons and packaging heading to landfill, even if most of it is recyclable!”

“Egg cartons weigh about 60g each, so if you quickly do the sums, that equates to about 24 million tonnes of waste a year!”

West Walla Farm are also working with restaurants and other commercial customers to deliver eggs on reusable trays.

“Reuseable cartons are a small but significant step in the war on waste, and we hope other producers follow suit,” Tobias said.

[1] Australians’ usual egg consumption: Analysis of the CSIRO Healthy Diet Score 2016, October 2016, Prepared by: Gilly Hendrie, Danielle Baird, and Manny Noakes