Welcome to West Walla Farm

We are a small family run boutique farm in the NSW Eastern Riverina.

Our farm operates with the simple belief that loved, happy and content animals will produce tastier food.

Our chickens are moved regularly in their chicken caravans on to fresh pasture. They eat fresh grass, forage for bugs, have uninterrupted access to the outdoors, are encouraged to express their true “chicken-ness”, and are never locked up.

The result is delicious, nutritious, and ethical eggs that are good for you and the earth.

Lately, we haven’t had enough eggs to go around and we wanted to let you know why and when you can expect our beautiful eggs back in your kitchen.

Like so many producers, during COVID-19 restrictions, we lost a huge proportion of our sales through cafes, restaurants, and farmers’ markets. We worked hard to continue supplying everyone who wanted our eggs, but not knowing how long the restrictions would last, we re-housed 300 of our best layers to good homes across the Riverina.

Once the restrictions eased and we knew we could head back to market, we purchased another flock of 500 hens and our girls, whilst happy, have taken a little longer to settle in than first anticipated given the cold weather when we got them in Winter.

We now have all 1000 happy hens laying and wanted to thank you for your understanding and patience while we’ve navigated these changes. A replacement flock of 500 hens is also arriving on 16 October 2020, and another flock of 500 hens in February 2021, which will bring us up to 1500 hens.

We’re back selling at farmers’ markets and you can pre-order online for pick up, so we can put aside a dozen or more with your name on them!

Happy chickens mean happy eggs and we have all the right ingredients at West Walla Farm. Our Rambling Riverina Pastured Eggs will be back on your kitchen bench before you know it!

In the meantime, click here to find out more about us.

Tobias, Amy, Violet and Horatio.